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Tips for Buying Used Motor Homes

GreenPapain - A rental motorhome is always in top condition and you don't have to worry about anything other than your own enjoyment. But if you want to buy a used motorhome, you have to consider a few things. Here you can find out what to look for when buying a used camper.

Before you start looking for your own mobile vacation home, you should carefully consider which motorhome model you want and what you expect from it. Make a note of your wishes and needs: How much space do I need? How much comfort? How much engine power?

Buy Cheap Used Motor Homes

Those who do not want to rent a motorhome will receive offers for used motorhomes from both specialist dealers and private individuals. While you usually pay less if you buy your camper privately, you can rely more on the good condition of the vehicle from specialist dealers. Only there will you be guaranteed that the vehicle has been checked for all damage and all damage has been removed. The seller is therefore liable for defects that have not been rectified for one year.

The cost of buying a used motorhome depends, among other things, on the current market situation. If you want to have a currently popular model of all things, you have to factor in higher expenses. The emission class and the vehicle's environmental badge are also decisive . Motorhomes with higher pollutant emissions not only harm the environment, they also mean a higher vehicle tax.

The Pros and Cons of Buying Used Motor Homes

Are you interested in buying a motor home?  If you are, you will have to decide whether you would like to buy a new motor home or a used motor home. While many hopeful motor home owners want to own their own motor homes, some are unable to afford the cost of doing so.  If you would like to own a motor home, but you cannot afford to buy a new one, you may want to think about examining used motor homes.

Although it is nice to know that you should think about buying a used motor home, instead of a new one, you may be wondering if going with used is really right for you. To determine if a used motor home is right for you and your needs, you may want to think about examining the pros and cons of buying a used motor home.  A few of the most influential pros and cons are outlined below.  

One of the biggest pros or plus sides to buying a used motor home, instead of a new one, is the cost.  It is no secret that used motor homes are more affordable that new ones. In fact, did you know that as soon as you drive a new motor home off the dealership lot, the value of it decreases?  That is why you may want to think about buying a used motor home, especially if you are shopping for a motor home on a budget.

In addition to being affordable, buying a used motor home is nice if this is your first time owning a motor home.  Many motor home owners have great hopes for their new recreational vehicles. For instance, some motor home owners want to go on cross country trips and others just want to go camping.  Unfortunately, many motor home owners do not always end up using their motor homes as much as they had originally hoped to and many end up selling them.  If you find this happening with you, you may lose less money if you buy a used motor home, as opposed to a new one.

Although there are a number of pros or plus sides to buying a used motor home, there are also a number of cons or downsides to doing so as well.  One of those downsides is the selection that you will have to choose from. While it is more than possible to come across a number of used motor homes that are for sale, it is often harder to shop for a used motor home than it is for a new one, especially if you are looking for something in particular.  What does this mean for you?  It means that you may not be able to get your “dream,” motor home.

Another one of the downsides to buying a used motor home, instead of a new one, is the risks that you end up taking.  Of course, there are risks associated with buying a new motor home, but the risks are higher when buying a used one. When buying a used motor home, you never really know what the previous owner did to their motor home.  Just because a motor home looks nice on the inside, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it runs great or is dependable.  To minimize the risk of purchasing a poor quality motor home, you will want to try and research each motor home that you are interested in online.  Look for motor homes that do not have any complaints by owners or ones that haven’t been issued any recalls.

If you would like to buy a used motor home, you will want to keep an eye on your local newspaper advertisements, namely the advertisements in the automobile section.  You may also want to visit any motor home dealerships in your area.  While a large number of motor home dealerships sell new motor homes, many also have a selection of used motor homes available for sale.


The age of the motorhome is not always decisive. If it has been carefully looked after, an older model will also do its job reliably. Worn upholstery can be replaced inexpensively and should not distract you from the technical qualities of the camper.


  • Check vehicle documents
  • Search the outer skin for damage
  • Determine the vehicle weight
  • Check tires for damage and tread depth
  • Check the interior for leaks
  • On-board electronics (light, refrigerator, water supply)
  • Clutch and brakes
  • Engine performance and condition
  • Headlights
  • Have gas lines and TÜV checked

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