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How to Find the Best Motor Home

GreenPapain - New motorhomes quickly cost 20,000 to 25,000 euros, real “luxury liners” even scratch the six-figure price segment. You should therefore know exactly which equipment features the motorhome must bring and what you can do without for price reasons. If you want to finance the purchase with a loan, the loan comparison will help. A tip in advance: You can always save a lot of money with a used motorhome. 

How to Find the Right Motor Home

Before buying a motorhome, you should study the different types of motorhomes. These differ from each other in terms of price, comfort and driving style:

Living cabin

The so-called living cabin can be flexibly attached to a pickup. Although the models are relatively small, they are extremely inexpensive. Nevertheless, they usually serve as a comfortable place to sleep for two people. However, the cabins are only rarely available for normal cars and assembly is also associated with some effort - especially since dismantling has to be carried out after the holiday.

Suitable for: A motorhome is only an alternative for pickup owners who want to spend as little money as possible on the motorhome.

Box Van

The most famous panel van is likely to be the legendary VW bus. These motorhomes are comparatively inexpensive, but already have essential equipment:

  • Toilet
  • Shower cubicle
  • Beds for two people

In addition, such box vans are significantly more economical in consumption than classic mobile homes, and driving itself is more comfortable and easier.

Suitable for: You buy a motorhome like this if you want to travel on a budget and are less concerned about comfort.


An alcove can be described as a "real" motorhome. A sleeping alcove is integrated above the driver's cab, and there is plenty of space for the bathroom, kitchen and storage space in the rear of the caravan. These models are particularly popular with families because more than two beds are integrated.

Compared to classic motorhomes, the alcoves usually have quite rudimentary, simple equipment and a low height, but are still comparatively cheap.

Suitable for: Alcoves offer an ideal price-performance ratio and are also suitable for families with one or two children.

Semi-integrated motorhome

In this version, the driver's cab is also used for residential purposes. In addition, the roof is raised so that you can stand comfortably in the entire motorhome - including the driver's cab. Most of the time, the driver's seats can be turned around with a flick of the wrist and are then located at a small kitchen table.

Compared to the alcove motorhome, the partially integrated models offer more living comfort, especially in terms of height. However, they are still smaller than fully integrated models and therefore cheaper to buy and maintain.

Suitable for: Semi-integrated models are worthwhile if you travel with two to four people in the motorhome at least once a year.

Fully integrated motorhome

The most cost-intensive are undoubtedly the "fully integrated", also known as the premier class. Often times, these models offer not just basic comfort, but true luxury. The kitchen, bathroom and beds are made of high-quality materials, the living space is significantly larger and higher than in the semi-integrated models.

Sometimes up to six or even eight people can comfortably ride in the mobiles. On the other hand, fuel consumption and acquisition costs are highest in this category.

Suitable for: Only choose the “luxury class” if you want to spend practically every vacation in a motorhome.

Stake out requirements

Before buying a motorhome, it is essential to stake out the needs and budget. The categories of residential models presented provide a good indication of the price range. But there are also distinguishing features within the classes. Pay particular attention to:

  • The driver's license class required to drive the vehicle (depending, among other things, on the weight of the vehicle)
  • The available sleeping places
  • The fuel consumption while driving
  • Possibilities for completely self-sufficient camping (kitchen, water connection, bathroom)
  • The quality of the interior

Should You Buy a Motor Home?

In the United States, motor houses are customary recreational vehicles, as many folks own them. Many motor residence homeowners use their motor houses to go tenting and others use them to journey and discover the country.  With the stable boom in popularity, you might possibly be wondering regardless of no matter if or no longer you must buy a motor home.  If that's anything that you've requested your self before, you'll desire to keep studying on.

One of the various indicators which you simply must at the least seem into procuring for a motor residence is that in case you happen to are interested in traveling throughout the country.  Each year, a well quantity of individuals, particularly retirees, pick to journey the country.  Since it could also be dear to hire holiday houses or dwell in inns all of the time, many tourists make the call to acquire their very own motor homes.  Motor houses are right for go nation trips, as you no longer simply have a mode of transportation with a motor home, but overnight accommodations as well.

Another signal which you simply might possibly desire to assume about procuring for your self a motor residence is that in case you happen to like camping, but you desire to no longer sleep in tents. Camping is a well recreational activity, but tenting in tents isn’t for everyone. Whether you've a again problem, one other scientific condition, or in case you happen to simply don’t desire to sleep at the flooring whereas you go camping, you desire to assume about procuring for your self a motor home.  Also, in case you happen to is also tenting with a crew of individuals, like your family, you might possibly discover that a motor residence is a nice, easy, convenient, and fun method to go camping.

If you're interested in procuring for a motor home, you'll desire to judge regardless of no matter when you might desire to acquire a brand new motor residence or a used one. While deciding what sort of motor residence you might desire to buy, forward of time, might possibly make procuring for one easier, the condition of the motor residence which you simply desire doesn’t ought to be decided at this time.  What you do desire to do, however, is effectively learn and read any motor houses that you're interested in buying.  Examining motor houses to see in the event that they have had any facet recalls or to see if the motor residence promoting fee is a well worth will assist to guarantee that your cash is spent wisely.

When in search of motor houses which are for sale, you'll desire to generally verify the automotive element of your native newspapers, as many motor residence homeowners pick to advertise their on the market motor houses locally. You might possibly also be capable to discover news on motor houses on the market online.  If you're watching to acquire a brand new motor home, you might possibly desire to assume about discovering native motor residence dealerships. Motor residence dealerships are simply like ordinary automobile dealerships, count on the fundamental focus is on motor houses rather of cars.

If any of the above stated standards applies to you, you might possibly desire to assume about procuring for a brand new or a used motor residence for yourself.  The above stated indicators are indicators which you simply might possibly be capable to merit from the acquire a motor home.  With that in thoughts though, it's vital to matter which you simply don’t actually desire a purpose to acquire a motor home. If you might desire to acquire a motor home, you're instructed to comply with you desires and do so.

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