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How Motor Homes are Insured?

GreenPapain - Accidents, flooded campsites or the stolen bike from the rear: Without the right motorhome insurance, a mobile summer vacation can quickly turn into a financial fiasco. These are the most important policies at a glance.

How Motor Homes are Insured?

The corona pandemic is causing a boom in caravanning. No wonder: Nobody has to get on a full plane when vacationing in their own motorhome. The family can practically stay among themselves in the vehicle and need not fear any contamination. The Caravaning Industry Association has determined that this leads to a record for new registrations. In the first six months of 2020 alone, 54,439 vehicles were newly registered. That is already as many at halftime as in the whole of 2016.

The expensive camping companions naturally need the right motorhome insurance. The following insurances offer comprehensive protection:

  • motor vehicle liability insurance
  • partial or fully comprehensive insurance
  • the camping policy
  • the content insurance

Car Insurance: What RVs Definitely Need

Motor vehicle liability insurance is required by law for owners of mobile homes . Liability covers third party damage. In principle, the following applies: The liability insurance compensates the accident victims including the passengers of the accident driver up to the agreed minimum insured amount. Liability covers personal injury, property damage and financial loss caused by the insured vehicle.

Additional comprehensive insurance covers damage to your own vehicle. The partial comprehensive insurance pays out if the mobile home is damaged as a result of fire, natural forces, collisions with wild animals and broken glass. Compensation after theft is also included in the partially comprehensive insurance. According to statistics from motor insurers, the probability that a camping vehicle will be stolen is more than three times as high as that of a normal car.

The fully comprehensive insurance extends the insurance coverage of the partially comprehensive insurance and pays compensation for self-inflicted accident damage as well as vandalism or malicious damage.

After burglary: which insurance pays?

In addition to normal luggage, motorhomes can be on the move with high-quality items, for example with tablets for the children, e-bikes for the parents or sports equipment for the whole family. If these things get lost in the event of a break-in, the damage can amount to several thousand euros. Important to know: Partial or fully comprehensive insurance does not insure this damage. Partial and fully comprehensive insurance only pay if permanently installed parts of the vehicle are stolen (such as the on-board computer, etc.).

There is special content insurance for motorhomes and caravans that takes effect in the event of a burglary. This insurance, which is tailored to camping vehicles, not only provides benefits after a break-in, but can also come into play after accidents, fires and even floods. These insurances only cover the damage that can occur to the inventory (= the loose parts in the vehicle).

When it comes to content insurance, travelers should also ensure that the amount insured matches the actual content of the caravan or mobile home. Depending on the insurance, the amount of compensation may be limited. If the amount of damage exceeds the sum insured, for example if several expensive e-bikes are stolen at the same time, in this case consumers are left with some of the costs.

Good to know: the external insurance for household items does not usually apply to mobile homes. In 2018, the Karlsruhe Higher Regional Court ruled that household effects do not have to pay for items stolen from a mobile home. The insurance coverage of the household effects extends - also with the external insurance - to buildings. According to the court, a mobile home is not a house.

If you have luxury, you should insure luxury

With more expensive models, the equipment goes far beyond the functional in the living, sleeping and dining areas: high-quality materials, comfortable beds, flat screen TVs, hi-fi sound systems, WLAN hotspots and much more are possible. A motorhome insurance should match the equipment. Such a luxury vehicle should also be properly insured in the event of an accident or theft. The same of course also applies to storm damage such as lightning and hail strikes, floods and fire. Rule of thumb: if you have luxury, you should insure luxury. The protection provided by the insurance should always correspond to the value of the vehicle and be reasonably high. Of course, this also applies to the caravan.

Who can drive the motorhome?

First of all, anyone with a valid driver's license is allowed to drive a motorhome. When taking out motorhome insurance, it should be determined who is allowed to drive. As with normal cars, there are basically two options. Either the vehicle owner allows anyone with a valid driver's license to drive. Or he restricts the group of users to himself and a possibly existing partner. A limited group of users usually also benefits from the car insurance premium.

Quick help in the event of breakdowns and accidents

A vehicle insurance cover offers comprehensive services such as breakdown assistance, towing service and, in the worst case, patient repatriation. The cover letter is often offered as an additional component to motorhome insurance.

When traveling abroad, it is also advisable to arrange damage protection abroad with your own insurer, as the latter will then regulate the damage as if the foreign person who caused the accident had also taken out a motor vehicle liability insurance with him.

If you are traveling by car or mobile home, you should have the European Accident Report with you in the glove compartment. If there is an accident, the matter can be settled quickly and easily with the accident report. With the European Accident Report, drivers who have an accident abroad can quickly and easily record the course of the accident and the damage to the car. Experience has shown that this speeds up the settlement of the damage by the insurance company.

Driver protection insurance pays for accidents caused by yourself

Even if you don't like to think of something like this while on vacation: If the driver is injured or even killed in a self-inflicted accident, he has no claims against his own motor vehicle liability insurance. Driver protection insurance benefits close this gap and protect the motorhome driver from the financial consequences of permanent accident damage. He is insured as if a third party had caused the accident.

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